Mr Plum can be described as the Willy Wonka of the textile world, weaving together the exotic, the whimsical and the dramatic. He is a virtual persona, a professional explorer with a roaming eye for discovery and detail. His favourite colour is mustard, he collects netsuke, and is a keen sailor. Anyone owning a Mr Plum scarf will know that it is special, one of a consciously limited run and a positive alternative to over-production. 


Becky Kirkcaldie is the Creative Director and Founder of Mr Plum. Always starting with pencil to paper, she takes a quirky and whimsical approach to her designs. Becky looks for inspiration beyond the normal realm, with unusual juxtapositions of shape and colour. As a Kiwi based in sunny California, Becky is obsessed with palms, bipimbaps and ceramics.


Rumples Kirkcaldie-Ginnivan, Chairman and Office Cat of Mr Plum, takes a sassy and playful approach to her leadership position. She likes to watch from up above with a frown of disapproval as well as slow down all forms of production when any box is opened. We are incredibly lucky to have her guidance and level of expertise in the Mr Plum Showroom.


Mr Plum looks to expand their range to more products as their creative journey unfolds to silk cushions, ready-to-wear, wallpaper, fabrics and even fringed cat outfits - keep an eye out on Instagram @mrplumsworld.